architekturfabrik ziemke - Pevafersa Cell Line
architekturfabrik ziemke - Pevafersa Cell Line

Pevafersa Cell Line | Toro, ES | 2008

This solar cell factory was our first project in Spain. We designed a production hall that develops out of several elongated units for the Pevafersa company.

The building and supply engineering facility is on the north side, onto which the central clean room for the cell production is connected. A visitors’ corridor extends along the entire length of the hall and enables guests to gain special insights into the production process.

On the east side, placed in front of the hall, an office building contains the social areas on the ground floor and the office and business rooms on the upper floor.


Toro, Spanien
Customer: Pevafersa
Performance Stage: 1-3
Area: 17.000 m²
Construction Costs: 8.000.000 €