architekturfabrik ziemke - HAW Sanierung
architekturfabrik ziemke - HAW Sanierung
architekturfabrik ziemke - HAW Sanierung

HAW Renovation | Hamburg, DE | 2006

We had an active discussion on experiences and thoughts with the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (University of Applied Sciences) at the Berliner Tor in Hamburg. Our activities inside the building of the Department of Electro-Technology and Information Technology inspired us to think about the possibility of covering its southern and western facades with photovoltaic elements.

In the design with its folded photovoltaic surface, the construction is designed so that the upwards side absorbs energy and the downwards side reflects sunlight. The reflected sunlight shines on the PV surfaces below, thus increasing the amount of energy gained.

A supporting construction in the basic form of a triangle emerges. By mounting several commutators in rows, the surface appears to be folded. The wave-shaped facade expresses energy, movement and dynamics. A covering of thin-film modules, which can also be used as transparent elements, makes this form possible.


Hamburg, Deutschland
Customer: Sunenergy GmbH Hamburg
Study on energetic Optimization
Area: -
Construction Costs: 3.000.000 €