architekturfabrik ziemke - Wohnhaus Al Manshiya
architekturfabrik ziemke - Wohnhaus Al Manshiya

Al Manshiya | Khartoum, SD | 2005

Al Manshiya is a central quarter of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. This is a preferred residential area in Khartoum so during the past years a lot of high quality housing areas have developed.

In 2005 we were asked by a Sudanese investor to carry out a study for a residential tower. On site in Khartoum we studied the local conditions, analysed referential projects and caught up on Khartoum’s building regulations and laws. We visited local companies in the building industry and got to know applied technologies.

For us it was the first examination of the rules and functions of Arab living. It is still impressive how complexly and in what detail these flats are organised and how much attention is paid to the reception and accommodation of guests. At the same time our understanding for the Arab world increased and our relationship to it became closer. Al Manshiya is the beginning of a continuous collaboration with our partners in Sudan.


Khartoum, Sudan
Customer: -
Performance Stage: 1-4